If you’ve given any thought to home or business security you’ve probably considered a surveillance monitoring system. Surveillance system have grown a lot from the old CCTV Systems which used BNC cable like a TV’s Coax cable. These units used to need a separate power delivery system to power all the cameras. Dealing with fuses and live power meant it was not as safe and reliable as you would think. Along with that the processing power needed to convert an analog video signal to digital real time meant you would be needing a very pricey system.

Now the new IP surveillance systems are a lot more efficient and affordable. Instead of having a separate power delivery with fuses, it is all packaged inside a network switch called POE Switch. With one single Ethernet wire powering and transferring the digital video feed between camera and DVR. Prices for these POE switches have fallen dramatically making them more accessible for small or large projects. You can install multiple POE switches in multiple areas of your house or building to ensure all areas are secured.

What you’ll have with your IP Camera system is at least one surveillance camera, indoor or outdoor to focus on particular areas of your grounds, home or building, and a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) that come in various sizes and arrays.

If you should decide you want to provide IP camera security in your home or business you’ll need to do at least one slow walk around your building, making notes as you go, about where you need surveillance, and what areas are the most vulnerable, and in need of protection. While you certainly want to focus on your house – the place where your family’s safety is the primary concern – don’t neglect to include garage, breezeway, front and back yard, driveway, alleyway, or any outside fence or gate entrance. You will want to take note how you will be able to wire the camera system.

You may want more than one camera in your building. Although they won’t stop all crime, it is thought that visible IP Camera act as a deterrent to would-be criminals. It’s far less risky to steal from a shop with no surveillance system than from one that explains its system clearly in a window poster and which has highly visible cameras. The presence of a camera at the entrance or exit of a building and watching over key areas like retail sales floors or offices can make the difference between your business being targeted and the criminal moving on.

Once you’ve determined what areas on which you need to focus you’ll have to measure the areas. The range of area needing monitoring is important in order to purchase the right type of camera. There are many different type of cameras each with different features. Its best to access all the features you will need throughout the year and pick the right camera.

Once you know the number of cameras you’re going to need you’ll know whether you’re going to have to have more than one POE switch or whether you can make do with 1 switch (one monitor, alternating location views) or a multi-switch (several locations with POE switches all on the same Ethernet LAN network).  The more cameras you add the more the DVR’s hard drive will be filled. This will cause a shorter retention span of your cameras video feed. Ensure you purchases the right size hard drive and configure the recording preferences beforehand. It may be hard to upgrade the hard drive after purchase on some DVR models.

Depending on the type of system you install, Surveillance systems has the potential both to stop a crime before and after it occurs and to provide the police with valuable images that can help them to detain a suspect. Monitored systems, where the images are fed from the camera to a real-time monitor, allow security staff to see what’s happening at the premises at all times. If they pick up anyone behaving suspiciously they can alert staff on the ground who may be able to prevent a crime. Recorded systems, on the other hand, should give vital information on the appearance and activities of any criminals, which can make a huge difference to a police investigation.

For anyone working in, retail, services or visiting your business premises, the knowledge that there is a working Cameras system protecting your actions in place brings peace of mind. Not only does it let your employees know that you are concerned for their safety, but customers and visitors recognize it as a deterrent and automatically feel safer than in a business where there are no cameras at all. Whilst not everyone likes the presence of IP cameras in public places, most people would say that such systems make them feel more comfortable.



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