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IP Surveillance System

Surveillance System:

IP Surveillance Camera

We offer professional video surveillance system tailored to your business requirements.

Depending on the type of system you install, Surveillance systems has the potential both to stop a crime before and after it occurs and to provide the police with valuable images that can help them to detain a suspect. Monitored systems, where the images are fed from the camera to a real-time monitor, allow security staff to see what’s happening at the premises at all times. If they pick up anyone behaving suspiciously they can alert staff on the ground who may be able to prevent a crime. Recorded systems, on the other hand, should give vital information on the appearance and activities of any criminals, which can make a huge difference to a police investigation.

IP Camera Install and Consultation

  • IP Camera & DVR INstallation
  • Custom DVR Server
  • Cat 6 Wired network install
  • Routing and Configuration

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